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Student support services

The services of student counsellors, school nurse, psychologist, school social worker and special needs teacher are available to all students. The school also has a student welfare group.

Student counselling

Student counsellors are available daily. Student counsellors have their offices and a noticeboard on the 2nd floor in Kalevankatu and on the 6th floor in Ruoholahdenkatu. You can also contact them via Wilma/email. You are welcome to talk about anything related to your present and further studies.

Student guidance groups

Group meetings take place during the lunch hour in the same classroom, typically every second Thursday (not during the exam week). Check the Calendar for the dates! Attendance is compulsory, as these meetings are an indispensable way of passing on important information and school news. In the event of absence due to illness, for example, students must contact the group teacher to find out what matters were discussed.


The aim of the school psychologist is to contribute to the students' wellbeing and to support their studies, for example with stress management, emotional issues, problems with school, relationships or life changes. Action should be taken while the problems are still relatively small! Parents, too, can contact the psychologist when they are worried about their child's welfare.

You can see the days when they are available on the office door. They can also be reached by phone or text message on weekdays or through email. 

In the email, students should include their name and phone number so that the psychologist can contact them. Keep in mind that it is not advisable to send any very private information via email!

Health care

The school nurse is available at the school from Monday to Friday. Students wishing to make an appointment should call (or send a text message), send a message via Wilma or come directly to the office. It is not possible to contact them through email. 

During the upper secondary school the school nurse meets students for a health inspection. In addition to health inspections the nurse can be contacted in case of sudden illness, accident or vaccinations needed. Students should inform the school nurse about special dietary needs immediately at the start of the school year. Students should also inform the school nurse of chronic illnesses or if they are carrying an Adrenalin pen.

Dental care

Dental services at municipal dental clinics are usually available free of charge for students under 18 years of age. Students entitled to public health care in Finland who study full time in Helsinki can make appointments in Helsinki city dental clinics. You may need a certificate stating that you are a student. You can also choose the utilize these services in the health centre in your own municipality. Centralised dental care appointment reservation from 09 310 51400.

School social worker

You can see the days when the school social worker is available on the door of their office. Students can call them on Mon-Fri or contact them via Wilma. It may be easiest to book an appointment via text message or Wilma.

The school social worker (kuraattori in Finnish) works to support students' psychological and social wellbeing and study progress. They assist students who may have problems related to mental health, family situations or substance abuse. They also advise students with financial problems. Students who want to discuss their studies or family situations confidentially are welcome to contact them. 

Special needs tutoring

Ressu has a full-time special needs teacher. Their job is to assist students in their learning problems. They tutor groups and individual students. They should be contacted if students suspect they might have problems with learning. 

To contact the special needs teacher, call or use the Wilma system. 

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