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Ressu IB library

Ressu IB World School has a library that supports the IB Diploma program. The library is situaded in both premises, Kalevankatu and Ruoholahdenkatu.

All science books are in the Ruoholahdenkatu library and all non-fiction in the Kalevankatu library.

You can find the Kalevankatu library on the basement, next to student council room (room 017) and the Ruoholahdenkatu library on the sixth floor.

Opening hours

Both libraries are open daily according to the school’s opening hours.

Tha library assistant is available as follows: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at Kalevankatu and Tuesday at Ruoholahdenkatu from 9 am. till 4 pm. Exceptions to these times will be
informed at the library doors.

The library assistant is there to help you in all library related issues and information search.

Borrowing books

The borrowing of the books can be done either with the help of the library assistant or by marking the loan on the yellow map situated on the desk of the library assistant. The loan period for books is 28 days. You can renew your loans if there are no reservations.

The library is catalogued according to the YKL- cataloging system for public libraries. 

Magazines for borrowing

You can borrow the following magazines from the Kalevankatu library,
National Geographic
Suomen Kuvalehti
Svensk Damtidning
Time Magazine Tiedelehti, Time Magazine

The newest numbers of these magazines are on the windowsill of the library and the older numbers in the red folders on the opposite wall.

Other activities

Both libraries have room for studying. There´s a printer in the Kalevankatu library, which can be used for printing study materials.

Contact information

Klaus Kiljunen, Library assistant

Phone: 09-31079632, 040 038 1080

03.02.2021 12:33