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Introduction to Our School

Ressun lukio is an upper secondary school located in the very heart of Helsinki, within easy distance of excellent traffic connections. The school has about 700 students and 60 teachers. The students are 15-18 years old.

In Ressun lukio, two upper secondary school programmes operate under the same roof. The Finnish-language programme follows the Finnish national curriculum, and the English-language programme follows the international IB Diploma Programme. Either of these examinations gives general university entry qualifications.

The IB Diploma programme is aimed at students who want an internationally-recognised diploma for their further studies and careers. They come from many different schools, both from Finland and abroad. The language of instruction is English. Our students live with their families: the school does not arrange accommodation. Due to the great number of applications, it is not possible to admit applicants who want to be exchange students or who would like to move here alone, without a guardian.

The school is run by the City of Helsinki and does not charge for tuition. School meals and the health services are free. Students have to purchase textbooks, study materials and pay final exam fees.

Ressun lukio became an authorised IB school in 2002. Our IB DP graduates have succeeded well above the global average in their studies and have been admitted to universities throughout the world, including Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College, London School of Economics, Harvard and Yale.

School's history

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