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Pre-year assessment

The grade given to a student after each course can be based on the final exam, participation in class, and possible papers/assignments during the course. After each of the five terms, students can see their results (both new and previous grades) on Wilma. 

Pre-year courses are graded according to the Finnish system: either using numbers 4-10 (ten being the best), or the letters S (passed satisfactorily) and O (not completed, if the student has, for example, failed to attend the final exam or return a compulsory assignment.  The missing component must be completed within the following term (terms 1-4) or by the end of the school year (term 5).

A grade will not be given to students who are repeatedly absent or neglect their studies. Absences without an acceptable reason affect the final course grade.

If a student fails the course (i.e. gets the grade 4) there is one chance to re-take the exam during one of the Exam Retake Days.

When pre-year students plan which subjects to take as their 6 IB Diploma subjects, it is recommended that they reflect upon their pre-year grades when making the decision. Students are normally expected to have at least an 8 in their future Higher Level subjects or a 7 in their Standard Level subjects. Students whose grades are not high enough or who have not completed all assignment components by the end of May cannot start the IB Diploma Programme.

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