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IB Diploma Programme assessment

DP1 & DP2 grades

Students get grades after every term and they can always be seen online via Wilma. The grades will be based on term exams, participation in class and possible assignments, depending on the subject. If there has been no term exam, the course may be evaluated simply with grades S (“pass”) or O (“incomplete”). The missing component must be completed within the following two terms (terms 1-3) or by the end of the school year (terms 4-5).

The IB DP grading scale is from 1 to 7. Students need to get at least a 4.0 grade average in every subject in order to pass (minimum total score 24). Students getting a lower grade need to consult their teacher to see how they can improve their grade. Usually this entails taking the exam again during the Exam Retake Day.
1 = very poor
2 = poor
3 = mediocre
4 = satisfactory
5 = good
6 = very good
7 = excellent

In addition, students will be given an Effort Grade for each subject, reflecting the teacher’s view on how much effort the student has put into his/her studies. Effort grades are A =very good, B = good and C = needs improvement.

DP1 students whose grades are not high enough or who have not completed all assignment components by the end of May will have to retake the whole DP1 year.

The final Diploma grades will depend on the results of the final exams in the May of DP2, as well as other subject-specific assessment components (oral exams, projects, essays) decided by the IB. For more information on this, see the IB Handbook.

Mock exams

Mock exams are arranged in Term 4 of the DP2 year, just before the students start their independent preparation for final exams. The students sit all the papers – typically past IB final exam papers – in all their subjects. There are no ordinary lessons during the mocks. Although the results of these exams will not affect the final Diploma assessment, they are an essential part of the final term and course grade. Mocks are vitally important for final exam preparation and therefore attendance is compulsory.

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