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Deadline policy


“We act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness and justice, and with respect for the dignity and rights of people everywhere. We take responsibility for our actions and their consequences.”

“We understand the importance of balancing different aspects of our lives—intellectual, physical, and emotional—to achieve well-being for ourselves and others. We recognize our interdependence with other people and with the world in which we live.”

(The IB Learner Profile)

“Candidates are required to act in a responsible and ethical manner throughout their participation in the DP, as determined by the IB at its sole discretion, which includes not engaging in academic misconduct and must be in good standing at the school at the time of the examinations.”

(Diploma programme assessment procedures Section B1, Article 3.3.)

Assessment components (IB DP and course components) are an important tool for the school to be able to monitor the students’ standings and therefore the students need to submit their work on time.

Schools are required by the IB to have their own DP internal deadlines.

These internal deadlines are treated as official deadlines by the IB.

The official global IB DP final deadlines cannot be the same as the school internal deadlines – the school internal deadlines must be significantly earlier.

Ressun lukio internal DP deadlines are designed to help students complete their studies in an effective way.

They are designed to allow students to have the possibility to focus on a reasonable amount of work at a time and to give teachers reasonable time to mark and comment student work for students to receive effective feedback.


Internal Assessment and other assessment components are done throughout DP1 and DP2 years.

There are as few overlapping deadlines as possible when it comes to final DP assessment components.

Final DP assessment components are usually done during the first half of the term to avoid overlapping with course assignments.

The deadline is the latest at 9pm to avoid students working during the night.

What happens if internal DP deadlines are not met?

Course assignments

Subject teachers decide their own course assignments and the deadlines and the weight of the component in terms of the overall course grading.

Since each case in terms of a possible late submission can be unique the teacher can consider as a possible outcome of late submission among the following options:

1. The assignment is not graded

2. No feedback on the task which is submitted late

3. Results in a possibly lowered course grade

Official DP required assessment components including the final examination session

“Unacceptable reasons for work being incomplete include circumstances that would be considered as being reasonably within the control of the candidate.

Circumstances considered as being reasonably within the control of the candidate include:

misreading or misunderstanding the examination timetable

oversleeping and, therefore, being late for an examination


family moving house

social and sporting commitments

attendance at interviews

taking part or attendance in events such as competitions, concerts and graduation ceremonies

the candidate not providing work by the internal school deadline(s)

the candidate not completing work owing to a lack of diligence or personal organization

the school identifying academic misconduct (for example, work is plagiarized) and not submitting the candidate’s work.

Short-term illness is not an acceptable reason for incomplete work, other than for missing an examination in May or November. If a candidate is ill shortly before an internal school deadline for the submission of work, such as the EE or an IA requirement, […] an extension to the deadline may be authorized.”

(Diploma programme assessment procedures, Section C3.6.1.)

Diploma assessment components (IA, TOK, EE and Group 1 Language A HL essays etc.); if extensions to deadlines are needed a doctor’s note or another official document/reason should be submitted to the DP coordinator.

Subject teachers alone are not allowed to give extensions to DP assessment component deadlines.

Not following school specific deadlines can result in not being awarded the Diploma.

Responsibilities of the students:

Students need to be aware of the deadlines which concern them

Students need to manage their time so that they can produce the required work on time

Students need to be aware of what elements need to be submitted

Students need to be aware of the consequences of submitting late

Students need to submit their work in a format which is outlined by the teacher and accessible to the teacher

If any problems arise, students need to contact subject teacher / group teacher / student counselor / DP Coordinator asap

Responsibilities of the school:

Deadlines need to be visible for the students

Deadlines need to be discussed with the students

The requirements what needs to be submitted need to be made clear for the students

The consequences of late submission need to be made clear for the students

Teachers need to respect the deadlines when it comes to giving extensions

Teachers need to grade/give feedback for assessment components (course exams, retakes, EE and IA drafts) within reasonable time

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