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Pre-year - How to apply from Finnish comprehensive schools

All pre-year applicants apply to upper secondary (lukio) schools via Opintopolku (the National Joint Application) system. The application must reach Opetushallitus (National Board of Education) by the deadline given.

NB! Our entrance examination in April 2020 has unfortunately been cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. In spring 2020, the 75 applicants with the best grade point average (of the theoretical subjects of the school-leaving report in Opintopolku) will be admitted. 

(OLD INFORMATION:All applicants who live in Finland must come to the entrance examination.The examination will test skills in Mathematics, sciences and English. The maximum exam score is 10 points.Applicants can also get a maximum of 10 points for their grade point average. Therefore, the maximum total score is 20 points. The 75 students with the best total scores will be admitted into the IB section.

NB! If you study in a school (for example International School of Helsinki) that does not use the Finnish grading system (4-10), you probably have to choose “harkinnanvarainen valinta” in your Yhteishaku application. Check with your school’s student counsellor!

30.03.2020 12:16