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Pre-year - How to apply from abroad

Maximum 25 study places are reserved for applicants applying from outside Finnish comprehensive schools (ie with previous schooling completed in some other school system — even Helsinki area schools like the European School or the International school.)

Please note that due to the great demand for these places, we cannot admit applicants looking for an exchange year, wanting to move to Finland alone etc. We prioritise applicants who can demonstrate a need for an English-language study place in the Helsinki area. We are not a boarding school  all our students live with their families and they must have a guardian in Finland. The school cannot arrange accommodation or visas!

All pre-year applicants must apply via Yhteishaku (the National Joint Application) Opintopolku system. The application must reach Opetushallitus (National Board of Education) by the deadline given, either online or by mail.

Applicants who still live outside Finland do not have to take the entrance test. They will be chosen based on their previous academic performance and suitability for the programme.

These applicants must

a) apply via Opintopolku ( and

b) send the form Application for Admission directly to Ressun lukio and

c) send a copy of their latest school report directly to Ressun lukio.Applicants who are already in Finland will automatically come to the entrance exam.

10.09.2020 10:34