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Admissions policy

Ressun lukio is an upper secondary school that offers its students studies either in the Finnish-language lukio or in the English-language IB Diploma Programme. It is owned by the city of Helsinki.

The annual intake in the IB Diploma section is 100 students/year. They are admitted for the preparatory year preceding the 2-year Diploma Programme. At least 55 applicants/year will come from Finnish comprehensive schools. In addition to this, there is an extra admission quota of up to 25 students applying from other countries or school systems.

All applicants to the preparatory year apply via the national online application system run by the National Board of Education.

Students applying from Finnish comprehensive schools are chosen based on their grade point average of the theoretical subjects from the previous school (50% of points) and the entrance exam organised by the school (50%). The Opintopolku online system calculates the points and sends the names of admitted applicants to the school.

Students applying from other school systems and countries must come to the entrance exam if they are already in the country. The final selection is based on the applicants’ previous academic performance, motivation and references. Special attention will be paid to the applicants’ grades in Mathematics, English and the mother tongue/first language. These students must have a valid reason for needing an English-language study place in Helsinki.

During the pre-year the students will get acquainted with all the subjects taught in the two-year Diploma Programme in our school. They will be given guidance on how to choose Diploma subjects that will help them in their future university studies. All students who pass the pre-year courses with acceptable grades will be able to proceed to our Diploma programme.

Applicants can also be admitted directly to the 2-year Diploma Programme if places have become available during the pre-year. The school will consider applicants’ previous academic performance, motivation and references to decide on their suitability into the programme.

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