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Management board

The management board of an upper secondary school consists of parent and staff representatives as well as pupil representatives aged 18 or over. Pupil representatives under the age of 18 may have the right to attend and speak at management board meetings.

The duties of school management boards are defined in the City of Helsinki’s administrative regulations.

The duties of school management boards include annually approving the action plan based on the curriculum of the upper secondary school, excluding annual working hours. The school management board also approves the school regulations of the upper secondary school or issues other rules and regulations applied at the school.

In addition to this, a school management board can suspend an upper secondary school pupil for a maximum of one month and decide that the expulsion can be put into effect before the decision becomes non-appealable, as well as decide on an upper secondary school pupil’s right to participate in teaching if the pupil is under preliminary investigation due to being suspected of a crime.

The school management board’s minutes will be published on this website after each meeting as soon as the minutes have been reviewed. Meetings are held in Finnish and minutes are only available in Finnish.

Management board members

Members (and deputive members)

Parents' representatives

  • Katariina Mattila-Wuoristo, Chairman (Johanna Politi)
  • Sirpa Vanhasasi-Huida (Katja Ahlstedt)
  • Heikki Eskola, Dept. Chairman (Minna Sulander)
  • Kari Hyvönen (Matti Murtomäki)
  • Annina Kuusiniemi (Jukka Knuutila)

Teachers' representatives

  • Tiia Tempakka (Susanna Moksunen)
  • Mika Spåra (Sami Puumalainen)

Representatives of other personnel

  • Tarja Ryan (Camilla Lehto)


  • Jonatan Åkesson (Jaakko Kemppainen)
  • Eini Ristilä (Emilia Uljas)

Minutes in Finnish

Johtokunnan pöytäkirja 7.10.2020
Johtokunnan pöytäkirja 15.6.2020
Johtokunnan pöytäkirja 11.3.2020
Johtokunnan pöytäkirja 23.9.2019
Johtokunnan pöytäkirja 12.6.2019
Johtokunnan pöytäkirja 27.3.2019
Johtokunnan pöytäkirja 15.1.2019
Johtokunnan pöytäkirja 26.9.2018
Johtokunnan pöytäkirja 13.6.2018
Johtokunnan pöytäkirja 23.4.2018

19.10.2020 18:37