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International activities

Every year we participate in various international activities. Moreover some of our students choose to spend an exchange student year abroad. We have several partner schools outside of Finland, and student/teacher teams typically visit each other's schools for about a week at a time. Our partner schools include the following:


  • Academic Gymnasium of the St. Petersburg State University
  • The Advanced Educational Scientific Center of Moscow State University


  • Montessori Fachoberschule München


  • The High School of Peking University, Peking
  • Niulanshan No. 1 High School, Peking
  • The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, Peking


  • Lycée de Saint-Just, Lyon


  • Tallinn English College

Model United Nations Conference

The students pay travel costs, the amount of which varies from project to project. Normally the students stay with local families during the visit. Similarly we need families willing to host students coming to our school for a visit. Students are informed about visit opportunities in group meetings, for example.

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