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Niina Kurki

Ressu IB Graduate

1. What were the most important things you learnt during your time in Ressu? Memories of Ressu?

Ressu was an extremely meaningful time for me. The academics of the IB definitely helped prepare me for university and later the work life, as the IB forces you to really manage your time, meet tight deadlines, and deepen your analytical skills. In addition to that, the high calibre of students both in the IB program and in the national side of Ressu means you are going through the experience with people you can learn from and lean on during the tough times. My first year of university was a challenge, but it was definitely easier because of my IB experience, and the talented classmates that pushed me to succeed during my three years at Ressu. More importantly, however, my classmates at Ressu are also some of my best friends that I have become even closer with in the 5 years since we graduated. My best friends in the world are all people I met at Ressu (and they also provide guaranteed couches to crash on when I want to come home to Finland, or go to London, Hong Kong, or Paris for a quick visit!)

2. Tell about your study place. What made you apply to this particular study place?

After graduating from Ressu, I went to Vanderbilt University in the U.S. I had already decided that I wanted to apply for english programs, and so I applied to U.S. and U.K. universities. When making my final decision, I chose the U.S. due to the fact that you don't have to commit to a major until the second year. This gave me some more flexibility and allowed me to explore a few different subjects before finally deciding on Economics as my degree. Vanderbilt was an amazing place, where I made another set of lifelong friends, learned a whole new language, studied abroad twice, and took some of the most interesting classes that I could have imagined.

3. Work experience

After graduating from Vanderbilt, I considered several Master's-degree programs both in Finland and abroad. However, I received and accepted an offer to join BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, in their Financial Markets Advisory (FMA) group. I am currently in my first year as an analyst based in the Washington, D.C. office, and while I hope to go back to school one day, this time at BlackRock will bring me incredible experience working to solve real client problems.

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