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Liisa Raitio

IB Graduate 2012

Ressu IB World School was my top choice when choosing Upper Secondary Schools. It was simply a gut feeling. In my opinion Ressu had the perfect balance of students focusing on their studies, but also letting loose and organizing for example amazing Halloween events or epic sports days. I loved the sense of community in Ressu and being surrounded by inspiring teachers and ambitious peers was truly motivating. Needless to say, I never regretted my choice to study at Ressu.

My goal was to move to the UK and study theatre related subjects; hence I chose a lot of languages, literature and humanities in my timetable. On top of that I signed up for additional photography courses, completed a drama diploma, sang in the choir and I was elected as a member of the student council. I enjoyed all these activities outside the academic curriculum and they helped me to shape my UCAS applications for Universities too.

I moved on to do my BA in Drama at the University of Exeter and my MA in Music Theatre at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Ressu IB taught me time management skills, how to set goals, reading and research skills and how to deal with exam pressure. I can honestly say that after Ressu IB my University studies were a breeze!

After finishing my Masters degree I worked as a freelance performer in London. Then I moved to Hong Kong, and now I work in Singapore as an Event Manager and Resident Actress for a small events company. When I graduated from Ressu I never imagined I’ll move to South East Asia and work in the entertainment industry, but Ressu taught me to do my work with joy and my duties with pride; and with that mind-set you can achieve pretty much anything!

19.03.2019 13:16