The Siisti kesä! project

The Siisti kesä! (Tidy summer!) project offers summer jobs for young people aged 16–20 performing cleaning and sanitation duties for the City. Employees hired as part of the project help clean parks, squares, kerbsides and sports and public beaches.

The application period for the Siisti kesä! project in the 2018 summer job period starts in early March, coinciding with the application period for 16–17-year-old summer employees. Don't let the important application dates slip by you! Follow us on Facebook to receive information about open jobs and the important dates for the summer job application period directly to your news feed.

The positions available through the Siisti kesä! project (including those allocated for 16–17-year-olds) can be found under the Siisti kesä! project link during the application period. 


29.12.2017 14:31