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Working for the city

Your career with the City can begin in a variety of ways. With us, you get to evolve as a professional and use your strengths in diverse tasks.

Helsinki’s vision is to be the most functional city in the world. Our strategic goal is to do everything a little better to make life easier and more comfortable for Helsinki residents. Our primary purpose is to provide high-quality services for our residents and create ideal conditions for an active and fun life.

We need everyone’s contribution to become the most functional city in the world! Join our team!

Summer jobs

Between May and September, the City of Helsinki has approximately 4,000 summer employees.

Summer employees are hired for the care industry, as park employees, for various types of office work, as planning interns, as construction assistants and for sports facility maintenance work, among other roles. Students and professionals are particularly sought after in social services and health care to cover for our regular employees during summer holidays.

We want to offer all our summer employees the best summer job experience. You wanting to work with us in the future is the best feedback we could get.

Applying for a summer job

In 2022, the application period for summer jobs starts in January, in week 3. New openings are announced throughout spring. 

The application period for young people aged 16–17 and the ‘Siisti kesä!’ summer job campaign starts on 7 February 2022 and ends on 28 February 4pm..
During the application period, you can find our summer jobs and temporary positions on our front page.
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Students and interns

If you are a student, we offer you the opportunity to complete your compulsory internship or thesis project with the City of Helsinki.

We are committed to providing you with thorough orientation and guiding your internship. Don't hesitate to contact our divisions and public enterprises directly.


Helsinki recruits hundreds of professionals in various lines of work every year. Our goal is always the same, whether we are working on urban planning, environmental protection, early childhood education, health care or education: Helsinki wants to be better day by day.

We offer you responsible and meaningful work and opportunities to strengthen your skills at various stages of your career. We reward excellent work performance. We promote tolerance and diversity. We also offer the extensive employee benefits of a major employer. We have our own occupational health services, and flexible working hours are widely used in our organisation.


Supervisor and management positions with the City

Besides being a service organisation, Helsinki is a platform and the world’s most progressive public sector ecosystem.

Our key success factors include skilled and constantly evolving supervisory work and management of change. Without them, we cannot offer satisfactory services for residents or ensure the well-being of our staff.

Supervisors and managers are responsible for directing the City’s operations so that they are increasingly functional. Helsinki supports its management staff with diverse training courses, some of which are based on best practices while some are highly customisable. For example, the City is starting a customised course on AI and technology for the highest office holders and those in key design positions.

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