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Talpa – City of Helsinki Financial Management Services

What we do

Talpa means the City of Helsinki Financial Management Service Centre. Here, we produce services related to accounting, invoices, payment transactions and payroll computation for the Helsinki Group. Our clients include the divisions, public enterprises and limited liability companies, the management and employees of the City of Helsinki, as well as residents using the City services. We have approximately 400 employees.

Who we are

Talpa is one the largest financial service centres in Finland. We take care of the City’s accounting and prepare its financial statement. Every year, we send 1.5 million invoices to residents and pay the salaries of almost 40,000 employees. Talpa’s customer service team answer 200 calls each day. Our employees include financial and payroll secretaries, system operators, application experts, accountants and customer service professionals – our team also includes a software robot called Aina-Ilona.

Join our team

A job at Talpa is interesting and stable and offers an excellent view of the finances and system of Finland’s capital. We are constantly seeking experts in financial administration and payroll administration. There is also a shortage of accounting professionals. Digitalisation introduces completely new jobs to financial administration. Developing our skills while working is an everyday practice for us. We also offer clear paths to management positions, for example, and allow you to gain experience in various projects.

We offer students various internships in financial and payroll administration, as well as opportunities for them to work on their thesis or dissertation during the internships.

Ask for more information

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Head of Service, Payroll Administration for the Social Services and Health Care Division,
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SAP system operator,
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