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How Helsinki recruits

The City divisions and public enterprises have independent recruitment processes. The recruitment processes are directed by the shared instructions and rules of the City of Helsinki, as well as legislation.

1. Job advertisements
2. Applying for a job
3. Publicity of the application documents
4. Public service or contractual employment relationship?
5. Enquiries related to recruitment
6. Additional information requested from applicants

1. Job advertisements

All jobs available for external recruitment are announced on the website. The advertisements are also posted on the recruitment websites, and, as well as in the Finnish newspapers and trade magazines with the highest circulation. If you are seeking a job, you should also follow Helsinkirekry and the City divisions on social media. Temporary jobs are announced on the website of the staffing service Seure Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy,

2. Applying for a job

We recommend searching for jobs in Helsinki’s electronic recruitment system. Alternatively, you can also submit a paper application to the City's Registrar's Office. When doing so, make sure that the application and the envelope both include the key of the job you are applying for. E-mail applications are not accepted. The duration of the application period is 14–30 days. The application period usually ends at 16:00, but the time may vary case by case. Please check the time on the job advertisement in question. Applications submitted late cannot be considered.
Please also read the instructions for the recruitment system.

3. Publicity of the application documents

The publicity of the application documents is based on the Act on the Openness of Government Activities. Applications become public documents the moment they are received in the City’s recruitment system or registrar's office. In practice, this means that anyone (such as residents, City employees, the media) may request to see an application or a list with the applicants’ names in the registrar's office. The applicant may state on their application that they would prefer their name not to be published by the media, for example. The request will be conveyed to the representative of the media requesting the information, but the medium in question will always make the final decision on whether to publish the name.

On the applications handed out to people requesting them, confidential information will be hidden according to the Act of the Openness of Government Activities. Confidential information includes information related to the private life, annual income, total wealth, political stances, client relationship with social services, and health of the applicant. The applicant’s contact information will be confidential if the applicant has specifically requested confidentiality, or if they have reasonable grounds to believe their health or safety or those of their family will be threatened.

The City does not publish applications or name lists of applicants of its own initiative while application process is underway. However, when selecting a person for public service, the information of the applicants who made it to the interview stage and onwards will be published. This information includes the name, education, professional experience and skills of the applicants. The information will displayed until the period for appeal has ended.

4. Public service or contractual employment relationship?

The City's open jobs are based on either a public service or a contractual employment relationship.
Public service employment relationships are used for positions in which the employee exercises public power. In addition to higher management positions, public service employment positions include rescue personnel, physician and teacher positions.

The recruitment process for public service employment positions is more strictly regulated that the application process for contractual employment positions. The details of the recruitment process, such as the length of the application period, the publication of the job advertisement and the information that must be included in it, are regulated by law. Public service employment positions are also subject to qualification requirements, i.e. unconditional requirements that the applicant must meet in order to qualify for the position.

The decision-making related to appointment is also regulated. Appointments can be made either by an office holder or one of the City's decision-making organs (committees and boards, the City Board or the City Council). The selection process may take a long time due to the multi-stage decision-making process, particularly in recruitment procedures in which the appointment decision is made by the City Board or the City Council.

A contractual employment relationship does not involve the same kinds of regulations as a public service employment relationship. Nowadays, the majority of the City's jobs are based on a contractual employment relationship. The recruitment process for contractual employment positions is subject not only to legislation and good recruitment practices, but also the City's own recruitment instructions, regulations and principles.

The recruitment process for both public service employment positions and contractual employment positions is also subject to the ban on discrimination and the stipulations of the Act on Equality between Women and Men and the Non-discrimination Act.

5. Enquiries related to recruitment

The City divisions and public enterprises have independent recruitment processes. Additional information about an open job can be requested from the supervisor mentioned in the job advertisement. Applicants are kept informed of the progress of the application process primarily via e-mail. Applicants who are invited to participate in a job interview are primarily contacted by phone (summer job recruitment procedures may vary due to the large number of applicants). All applicants are notified of the end and the results of the application process.

6. Additional information requested from applicants

As the recruitment process moves forward, you should prepare to present the following information:

Certificates regarding education, employment and languages
You do not need to attach diploma/degree certificates, certificates of employment, language certificates or other qualification materials to your application. However, you should bring them with you to the job interview so that they can be verified.

Pre-employment medical examination
When you apply for a permanent job or a fixed-term job lasting for over a year, you are required to provide a favourable statement regarding your health, as prepared by the City's occupational health services. You will need to present the statement to your supervisor before you sign the employment contract. If you are appointed to a civil servant position, the appointment to office includes the deadline by which the statement must be presented.

Drug testing
For some positions, applicants are required to undergo a drug test. Applicants are notified of possible drug testing in advance, and the testing is conducted as part of the pre-employment medical examination.

Credit check
Some jobs that demand particular reliability, especially in regard to financial matters, require the applicant to have a flawless credit history. Applicants are notified of a possible credit check in advance, and the credit check is only carried out for the person chosen for the job. The credit check is conducted before the appointment to office or the signing of the employment contract.

Criminal record extract
For positions that involve working with minors, the employer needs to check the applicants’ criminal record. The requirement to check the applicant's criminal record will be mentioned in the job advertisement.

Pre-employment assessment
The application procedure for managerial, supervisory and certain expert positions may include a pre-employment assessment to support the selection decision. These assessments are made by a third party assessor specialising in pre-employment assessments. The pre-employment assessors used by the City are all licensed psychologists.

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