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Employee benefits

Inexpensive lunch

City employees are free to use all restaurants operated by Palmia and City of Helsinki Service Centre. The restaurants offer lunch at a discount.

Occupational health care
Työterveys Helsinki is the City of Helsinki’s occupational health service full of experts who want to support your health and ability to work. The occupational health team consists of a doctor, nurse, psychologist and physiotherapist.

Cheaper monthly tickets for public transport
How would you feel about getting 160 euros off public transport tickets every year? This is possible with the commute coupons granted to everyone with an employment contract of more than one month.

Support for buying a new bicycle
If you prefer riding your own bicycle to using public transport, you can also choose to receive a subsidy for purchasing a bike. The subsidy amounts to 320 euros for two years.

City bikes for all kinds of travel
As a City of Helsinki employee, you can ride Helsinki’s city bikes all summer. You will be reimbursed for the price of the seasonal pass. This benefit is available for everyone with an employment contract of more than one month, meaning it also includes summer employees and temporary employees.

Discounts for your free time
Many museums, swimming halls, sports facilities, theatres and companies offer discounts for City employees. You only need to show your employee card.

Physical activities for employees
The City’s own sports services offer more than 120 classes per week, as well as various events every year. The selection changes every six months, so there are always new types of classes for those who want to try something new.

An island of our own
Iso Iiluoto is the employees’ own island in Kallahti in the Baltic Sea. You can make a day trip or stay longer, maybe with your family. Accommodation on the island is free, but it is worth booking it in advance.

Join the employee clubs
Helsinki divisions and public enterprises have their own sports clubs for employees. In addition to them, you can also join a rowing club, birdwatching club, choir, or our LGBTIQ+ network.

Holiday benefits
The City offers good holiday benefits. The length of an employee’s annual leave is determined according to the number of months worked in the past year, the experience bonus and years of service in the City’s employment.

Bonuses on top of your salary
An employee’s overall monthly salary consists of a task-based salary and potential bonus based on work experience. The work experience bonus is based on your years of work. Work in the same field but with other employers is also counted. Good long-term work performance and successes may be grounds for a personal bonus. One-off successes and achievements may be rewarded with a one-off bonus.

We value commitment
The City of Helsinki regularly shows its appreciation for its employees’ contributions. That is why employees are granted days off, monetary gifts or even a holiday when they reach important milestones in life. Best of all, the City’s gifts can be directed to charity.

12.02.2021 12:55