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Education Division

The world’s most effective place to learn!

We are the Education Division, but we also like to go by the Finnish abbreviation Kasko. Come and join us!

We take care of residents’ educational paths: we organise early childhood education, preschool and comprehensive school education, upper secondary education, vocational education, and liberal adult education.

We have nearly 14,000 employees. We offer services to 90,000 Helsinki residents at more than 700 locations around the City.

Learning is close to our heart. We develop our diverse services to best meet the needs of learners, families, businesses and society.

We also take care of the professional development and well-being of our employees. In practice, this means orientation, additional education, professionalism and co-operation.

We offer you the extensive employee benefits of the City, from a city bike to housing. Join us and have a hand in making Helsinki an internationally recognised pioneer: a city where people learn how to learn and work together.

Join our team

In particular, we are seeking early childhood education professionals, teachers for special needs students and teachers who speak Finnish or Swedish. We are also seeking school helpers, welfare officers, psychologists and ICT professionals. We also have several other positions that you may find interesting. Have a look – we may surprise you!

Students, interns, summer employees

We offer internships in particular for students in the education sector. Those working on a vocational qualification or a bachelor's degree should in the first instance enquire about an internship at their own institution. Internships for students working on a master’s degree can be found on the website. Students at comprehensive school may request work practice opportunities directly through day care centres and after-school clubs.

We offer summer jobs in playgrounds and day care centres for young people aged 16–17.

You can see available housing for Kasko employees on the website.

Ask us for more information at

Lotta Myyry

Tel. +358 (0) 9 310 23737,

Hannu Karhapää

Tel. +358 (0) 9 310 49234,

Jenna Hellgren Tel. +358 (0) 9 310 23922,

Sophie von Knorring Tel. +358 (0) 9 310 44816,

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