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Education division

The division consists of four segments, which are early and preschool education, comprehensive school education, general upper secondary and vocational education, and Swedish-language operations including the Swedish Adult Education Centre Arbis.

The Urban Environment Division

The division consists of three segments, which are land use and city structure, buildings and public areas, and services and permits.

Culture and leisure division

The Culture and Leisure Division consists of four segments, which are library, culture, youth and sports. The culture segment comprises the Cultural Office, Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Helsinki City Museum and the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Helsinki City Executive Office

The Helsinki City Executive Office is a department subordinate to the City Board. It functions as a planning, preparation and executive body for the City Council, City Board and the Mayors.

The City Executive Office comprises six divisions: Economic Development, the Administrative Division, Human Resources, Strategies Division, the Economic and Planning Division, and Communications.

Helsinki City Transport municipal enterprise

Helsinki City Transport HKL is responsible for running the trams and the metro as well as construction and maintenance of track, stations and depots.

Service Centre municipal enterprise

The municipal enterprise Service Centre consists of catering services and telephone- and wellbeing services.

Rescue department

Helsinki City Rescue Department works to protect the safety of the capital and its residents and visitors. The Rescue Department evaluates the city’s accident risks and works to prevent accidents and ensure preparation for different kinds of accidents and emergency situations. Furthermore, we attempt to minimise the impact of accidents through emergency services and emergency medical services.

Construction Services Public Utility (Stara)

Helsinki City Construction Services, Stara, is a versatile expert in the fields of construction, environmental management and logistics. Our approximately 1,500 professionals take care of Helsinki.

Financial Management Services municipal enterprise

The City of Helsinki’s Department of Financial Management Services public enterprise produces financial management services (accounting, purchase invoices, invoicing, payments and salary calculations) for departments and public enterprises as well as for three of the city’s limited companies and supports the city’s management in planning and monitoring operations and finances (compiling the city’s financial statement, monthly reporting).

Occupational Health Centre municipal enterprise

Occupational Health Helsinki provides occupational health services to the almost 40,000 employees working in the departments of the City of Helsinki. Our customers represent 800 different occupations, and therefore a versatile supply of health services is needed.

Audit Department

The Department assess the implementation of the targets set to the City and the City Group by the City Council, and assists the Auditor on the auditing of the City administration and finances.

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