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The City of Helsinki is the largest employer in Finland. Our four divisions and central administration employ approximately 38,000 professionals and experts in various lines of work. There are plenty of reasons to work with the City of Helsinki – here are seven of them. 

Meaningful work

We make the city better and provide all Helsinki residents with high-quality services. With us, you have the opportunity to have an impact on people’s well-being and make life easier and more comfortable for the city’s residents.

Kuvassa Alexandra Erlund. Kuva: Ilkka Ranta-aho

”The best part of this job is hearing families thank us for our work, saying that their everyday life has become easier. It’s great to see parents cope better than before.”

Alexandra Erlund, social advisor for families with children

Opportunities to learn new things

City of Helsinki employees represent 1,200 different professions. With us, you can develop your skills and even change careers without losing your employment benefits, such as accumulated holidays.

Kuvassa Sunita Keshteh. Kuva: Ilkka Ranta-aho

”The City of Helsinki offers many different job opportunities. You can change your role and advance in your career if you just keep your eyes open and seek out new challenges.”

Sunita Keshteh, Service Supervisor, City of Helsinki Service Centre

A responsible employer

Ensuring equality is built into our HR policy. We value people respecting each other, since mutual respect also improves employees’ well-being, commitment to the employer, and work performance. We promote diversity – with us, you can be who you really are.

Kuvassa Timo Lukkarinen. Kuva: Ilkka Ranta-aho

”We are a pioneer in the public sector in areas such as digitalisation. Our HR processes work well, and the City organisation recruits people with diverse backgrounds. I encourage people from different cultures to also seek out supervisory positions.”

Timo Lukkarinen, Medical Director of health stations


Extensive employee benefits

The benefits offered by a large employer are no cliché. Our benefits include a personnel fund that operates like a bank, more than 120 weekly exercise classes, inexpensive lunches and our own island for holiday purposes.

Kuvassa Airi Lappalainen. Kuva: Ilkka Ranta-aho

”The City offers plenty of opportunities for physical exercise, among many other things. I have been making use of this benefit regularly for at least 20 years and applied for the seasonal card season after season."

Airi Lappalainen, Academic Affairs Secretary, Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute

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Great team spirit

Studies show that Helsinki work communities are more co-operative and innovative than ever before. At the same time, the atmosphere and team spirit in the workplace have improved. Employees find working with the City of Helsinki more meaningful than before. Supervisors and work communities act as buffers between employees and difficult situations. (Kunta10 study, 2018)

Kuvassa Antti Sarpo. Kuva: Ilkka Ranta-aho

”The great team is a bonus. There are lovely people working for the City.
People want to make an impact and do good work.”

Antti Sarpo, Borough Liaison


Opportunities to grow and evolve

The City offers a whole range of opportunities for employees to develop their skills through learning on the job, traditional training courses and means such as mentoring programmes.

Kuvassa Tero Lahti. Kuva: Ilkka Ranta-aho

”I feel extremely privileged since the workshops arranged by my employer helped me focus on my job and make it clear for myself what kind of job profile I want to have in five years.”

Tero Lahti, Communication Officer

Flexibility and work–life balance

Thanks to our many forms of flexible work, you can organise your work as your life situation requires. The City of Helsinki is a family-friendly employer.

Kuvassa Timo Terävä. Kuva: Ilkka Ranta-aho

”Employees enjoy a high level of flexibility, such as various forms of working time. We make use of both flexible hours and remote work. The City also pays attention to its employees’ work–life balance.”

Timo Terävä, Audit Director


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