Helsinki as an employer

Your work makes Helsinki a good place to live

The City of Helsinki is Finland’s biggest employer with around 38,000 employees. These professionals and experts of various fields work in four divisions and in the central administration.

The Social Services and Health Care Division produces social and health care services, the Education Division early childhood education, education and liberal adult education for the residents. The City Environment Division is responsible for the land use planning, construction, maintenance in areas, real estate matters, housing production and the environment. The Rescue Department is responsible for the fire and rescue tasks, the City Transport for the public transport. The Culture and Leisure Division offers culture, sports, youth, music, library, museum and art services. Helsinki Zoo focuses on, for example, the protection of threatened species.

At the City, there are around 2,000 job titles. The City employs engineers, doctors, biologists, lawyers and planners in many different fields. The most common jobs are in social services and health care as well as early childhood education.

The sheer size of the City and the extent of the divisions of employment give the City personnel versatile, interesting and socially important jobs, good opportunities for training and development on the job, skilled colleagues, flexible working hours, occupational health and sports services and many other competitive personnel benefits.  


29.12.2017 14:34