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Åshöjdens grundskola is a nine-year comprehensive school for students aged 7-16.

Finland has two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. Our school is a Swedish-language school. Most of our students, however, are bilingual, speaking both Finnish and Swedish.

Student welfare

Our motto is to give our students "Roots and Wings". We want our students to feel safe and secure and to learn how to learn so they are well prepared to meet the challenges of the world outside school.

The student is always in focus and we strongly believe that wellbeing leads to better results. The role of our student welfare team is vital in the success of our students.

Students with learning difficulties or other specific problems are well taken care of by our special needs teachers, mostly in small groups, but also sometimes in class or individually.


Our school being situated near the city centre, we have made it one of our aims to make our students acquainted with cultural establishments and public administration of the city. This means many field trips to a lot of different places around the city (the Parliament, the district court, museums, newspaper offices and so on) trying to teach our students active citizenship.

One of our special features, since 2014, is music. You can apply to the music program in form/year three or seven. To be admitted to a music class, you have to pass an aptitude test.

Involving parents

We cooperate with parents in many different ways in order to build up common strategies as a part of student welfare. Besides staying in touch on a regular basis on the Internet/through a web application we arrange assessment discussions, “open-house” evenings, lectures and so forth.

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