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Solakallio Special School

Profile and special features

A special school for autistic and mentally disabled children. Solakallio provides education for age group 7-17. This is a comprehensive school for pupils whose compulsory education lasts most often for 11 years. There are nine classes and in each six pupils with variety of disabilities. In every class we have a special class teacher, afternoon activities counselor and 3-4 special needs assistants.

Our vision and values emphasize that everybody has a right to learn and to be educated.  Every pupil has detailed individual educational plan (IEP).  

Our special skills and competence include:

  • We have a school-specific curriculum which supports pupils who have difficulties in planning and executing daily routines or given tasks independently, communication and social relations.
  • We teach each pupil very individually and give skills to be as independent as possible.  
  • Creating a visualized and safe learning environment that supports different learners.  
  • We work on multi-professional teams to create strong net to support pupils.
  • We use wide range of augmentative and alternative communication. We work to find a communication way to every pupil.

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