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Teaching and curriculum

The teaching practicalities of the elementary school are defined in the school’s curriculum which outlines the objectives of school work, the subjects offered, the organization of work and the support of students. 

The new curriculum, being implemented in 2016, highlights the philosophy of learning as a process that is not confined to the classroom as a physical entity, encouraging teachers and students to comprehend learning as a holistic development which crosses boundaries of clearly defined subjects and age-groups.

The aim is to equip the students with confidence in their own skills that are needed in a quickly changing world. While the 2016 curriculum designed by the Finnish Ministry of Education gives general outlines, each Finnish school has the right and obligation to design its own curriculum based on the general one.

In the first and second grades, the subjects are studied in holistic entities, and not in separate units, under guidance of the class teacher. The class teacher can work in cooperation with the school’s special education teacher and other teachers with specialized abilities.

The school chooses and provides the students with schoolbooks and other study material. In addition, Santahamina primary school – as part of pilot project launched by the Helsinki Education Department - has been able to equip its students with Ipad –tablets for use in class.

23.05.2016 13:51