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After-school activities and Club Activities

Elementary school students of the first and second grade as well as students with special needs are entitled to attend after-school activities as provided by the Basic Education Act. The children qualifying for after-school activities are selected for one year at a time, according to the general guidelines defined by the City of Helsinki. 

The after-school activities are subject to a fixed monthly fee. Depending on the student’s family’s income a mitigation of the fee can be applied for.

After-school activities offer the children sensible preoccupation after the school day. The activities are supervised by trained tutors. Children attending after-school activities are provided with snacks.  

The after-school activities are organized at the school or in facilities nearby by the school, diverse organizations, the local congregation, day-care centers or private institutions, starting after school and ending by 5 pm.

Club activities

Club activities, which are included in the school’s operating plan, are free time activities which support the cooperation between school and home. In general, club activities are conducted under the responsibility of the respective teacher.

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