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Sakarinmäki multifunctional center has two schools under the same roof: Östersundom skola, the Swedish speaking primary school and Sakarinmäen peruskoulu, the Finnish speaking primary and secondary school. This is very unique and you can’t find many schools like this in Finland.

We share a staffroom, a public library and the dining area. We also organise events, parties and projects together. Furthermore, there is collaboration between classes: the pupils have some lessons together during the school year. There is also a daycare center which includes a preschool, an after school club and library too. 

Sakarinmäki is also known for its unique architecture. Our school planners and the architect Ms Sari Nieminen wanted to combine architecture and pedagogy together and bring the sense of nature inside the school. This has truly been accomplished.

The Sakarinmäki multifunctional center was built in 2005. The secondary school extension was completed in the autumn of 2014. The multifunctional center is situated in a peaceful area near the archipelago, some 20km away from Helsinki city center. We have a flexible learning environment and we challenge pupils to take part not only in learning but also in teaching. 

Sakarinmäki is a pilot project for Helen LTD (a company which produces electricity) to test new kinds of energy solutions. A minimum of 80% of the energy used by the school is now generated with renewable energy: a combination of geothermal heat, solar heat, a heating plant, and heat storage.

Welcome to Sakarinmäki multifunctional center. We look forward to meeting you in person and showing you our beautiful schools.

09.09.2020 11:04