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Hakuajan ulkopuolella lähetettyjä hakulomakkeita ei huomioida. Päivitetty hakulomake löytyy hakuaikana tältä sivulta.

We follow the Finnish system concerning grade levels. Please check from the table which grade your child is applying to according to his/hers year of birth.

Year of birth
Grade level you apply to
2013 1
2012 2
2011 3
2010 4
2009 5
2008 6
2007 7
2006 8
2005 9

Grade 1-6

Please fill the application form to enroll your child for the aptitude test for Education in English program in grades 1-6. Note that the applicant is only able to attend one test in August and therefore you can only apply to one school (grades 2-6). However, you are able to apply also to Maunula with the same test you do in Ressu, when applying to Grade 1.

You will find the form under this text.

Grade 7-9

Applicants applying to grades 7-9 are able to apply only to Ressu Comprehensive School with this form.

Registration for aptitude test

Enrollment for aptitude test on August is open until 12th June 2020. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, you cannot pick up or deliver the registration form to your school of choice in person. You can download the enrollment forms below.  

You can send the form via secure email, which requires that you verify your identity with a bank code, mobile ID, or an official ID card that contains a chip. This identity verification acts as your signature on the form.

Here are the instructions for downloading and sending the enrolment form:

Filling in the enrolment form
1. Download the enrollment form of your need from above and save it to your computer.
2. Close the web browser’s window that shows the opened enrollment form.
3. Open the saved form.
4. Fill in the needed information, then save it under the pupil’s name (form: lastname_firstname).
5. Close and reopen the form. Check that changes have been saved. Close the form.

Sending the form
1. Click the link: Send the enrolment form via secure email
2. Add your email address to the field titled Lähettäjä, and proceed to verify your identity.
3. After you have verified your identity successfully, you will reach page titled: Uusi viesti.
- Add the name of the school in which your child is applying to the field titled Aihe  -  In the lower corner, click Valitse tiedostot.
- Search for the file (titled lastname_firstname) that you just saved on your computer and choose it as your attachment by clicking on Liitä. -  To finish, click Lähetä.
You can also send the form by mail to school's address:

Ressu Comprehensive School
PL 18301, 00099 Helsingin kaupunki

If you need more information, please contact the principal Leena Liusvaara, or the vice pricipal Aliisa Ranta,

Note! We do not organise any visits or meetings to our school before the aptitude test in August 2020.

Application form for Grade 1. (2020)

Application form for Grades 2-9. (2020)

Hakulomake luokille 2-9 suomeksi (2020)

Applying to Ressu Comprehensive School General Information:


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