Suoraan sisältöön

Student support services

At Ressu Comprehensive school students' learning is supported through remedial teaching, part-time special education and student welfare.

The purpose of part-time special education is to provide students with temporary, additional support in order for them to achieve their objectives and obtain the comprehensive school final certificate. Special education teachers work
together with class teachers and subject teachers, and teach small groups or students independently.

Ressu Comprehensive School has two special education teachers, who support students and collaborate with teachers in grades 1-9. They are members of Ressu Comprehensive school’s welfare team, which meets with every class teacher at least once during an academic year.

The welfare team discusses the class in general, students’ physical and psychological well-being as well as matters connected to learning and support. The welfare team works together with the guardians, who can contact the team directly or via the class teacher. Guardians are also welcome to join in the student team meetings.

In addition to the special education teachers, the Ressu Comprehensive School’s welfare team members are the principal, the school nurse, the school psychologist and the school counsellor.

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