Suoraan sisältöön


All Ressu Comprehensive School students learn Finnish and English from grade 1. Students can choose an additional language in grade 4 and in grade 8. All students learn Swedish from grade 6 onwards.

  • Language A1: English (from Grade 1)
  • Optional language A2: French, Spanish (from Grade 4)
  • Language B1: Swedish (from Grade 6)
  • Optional language B2: French, German, Spanish (from Grade 8)

 Mother tongue learning  

All students

  • whose mother tongue is not Finnish or Swedish
  • whose mother tongue is Romani or Sami
  • returning to Finland from another country in which they have studied in the language of the country 

are offered weekly mother tongue lessons by Helsinki city. These lessons take place in various Helsinki schools in the afternoons after lessons at Ressu Comprehensive School.

English language acquisition classes

80% of tuition in Ressu Comprehensive School English language acquisition classes is in English. These classes are meant for internationally mobile families with native or near native English skills. The English language acquisition classes follow the same curriculum and the same IB programmes as the Finnish classes.

Students are chosen by aptitude tests, where candidate's ability to study primarily in English is assessed. Additionally, prospective 8th and 9th graders will need to pass a Finnish test.

Please read our policies for more information.

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