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Ressun peruskoulu

Lapinlahdenkatu 10
00180 Helsinki
PL 18301, 00099 Helsingin kaupunki
+358 9 310 82102
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Ressu Comprehensive School 150 years

Our school is 150 years old this school year.  In 1869, the school began with the first two classes at the orphanage at Lapinlahdenkatu 6.  Since 1869 our school Lapinlahden kansakoulu has been in this street. In 1995 the  name was changed to Ressun peruskoulu.

Lapinlahdenkatu 6 school (now under Lapinrinne street). Teuvo Kanerva 1957–1963. Museovirasto. Colored.

Lapinlahdenkatu 10 new school 1939 just before Winter war. Aarne Pietinen 1939. Museovirasto.

Ressu Comprehensive School is a city operated, accredited IB world school (Grades 1-9). The school has two languages of instruction: Finnish in the Finnish stream and English in the language acquisition classes. Helsinki city preparatory class (Grades 7-9) operates in the same building.

We have ca. 500 students. All students in the Finnish language section come from the local catchment area. The English language acquisition classes are intended for internationally mobile families residing in Helsinki, and the students are subject to aptitude tests.

Ressu Mission Statement

Ressu Comprehensive School aims to support the growth of children and young people into honest, responsible, cooperative, inquisitive individuals who value a variety of skills and are environmentally responsible. The school aims to provide the students with knowledge and skills as well as prepare them for further education. The school aims to support the development of social skills and healthy self-esteem. Students are encouraged to express themselves and to be creative thinkers, who respect and appreciate different cultures and worldviews.

Principal: Dr Leena Liusvaara
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