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Management board

The management board of a comprehensive school consists of parent and staff representatives. Student representatives have the right to attend and speak at management board meetings. The duties of school management boards are defined in the City of Helsinki’s administrative regulations.

The duties of school management boards include annually approving the action plan based on the curriculum of the comprehensive school, excluding annual working hours. The school management board also approves the school regulations of the comprehensive school or issues other rules and regulations applied at the school.

In addition to this, a school management board can suspend a comprehensive school student for a maximum of one month and decide that the suspension can be put into effect before the decision becomes non-appealable.

The school management board’s minutes will be published on this website after each meeting as soon as the minutes have been reviewed. Meetings are held in Finnish and minutes are only available in Finnish.

Minutes in Finnish

Minutes 1/2018

Minutes March 2019

Minutes October 2019

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