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School history

Where we are in place and time —  Location and history

1867 a children's home was built in Lapinlahdenkatu 6

1869 Lapinlahden kansakoulu,  a primary school. Street address was Lapinlahdenkatu 6.
1939 The current school building was built

1995 Comprehensive school, Ressun peruskoulu (Lapinlahden ala-aste and Ressun yläaste)

2005 IB program, English stream is founded - the name Ressu ComprehensiveSchool has been used since. 
2007-2008 The school is accredited as an IB World School.

2019 our school 150 year, new new facilities are being planned near by

2020 schools are closed by coronavirus


Lapinlahden kansakoulu (a primary school) in Lapinlahdenkatu 6. Foto Kari Hakli 1970. Helsinki City Museum. Colored.

Lapinlahden uusi kansakoulu (a new primary school) in Lapinlahdenkatu 10. By Foto Roos 1939. Helsinki City Museum.

Old rented houses (barracks) in Lapinlahdenkatu 10 before new school building. Anton Rönnberg. 1926.HKM. Colored.

Next block used to have bread shop by Elanto. Elannon leipämyymälä no 46 Lapinlahdenkatu 12. 1930. HKM. Colored.

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