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Information about the language test in August 2020

 Test day is 6.8. 2020. We test only English language skills to make sure that accepted students are able to study fully in English. Applicants don’t need to nor should prepare for this test.

 Grade 1

Grade 1 will have group test that doesn’t require reading or writing skills. After the group test applicants will have an interview. Interview time can be any time until 16.00. So applicants applying to the first grade are adviced to organise the whole day for the test. Schedules will be released later.

 Grades 2-7

Grades 2-7 will have only a written test.  Reserve time for that 7.30-12.00. The test itself will take approximetely 90 minutes. Schedules will be released later.

 Grades 8-9

Grades 8-9 will have a written test  (English) and an interview (Finnish). Reserve the whole day for the test. Interview time can be any time during the day.  Schedules will be released later.

Spoken Finnish skills are tested from applicants to 8th and 9th grade. Only initiative level of Finnish is required. (European frame of Languages level A1.2.)

 During the application period 1.4.-12.6.2020 you will find the application form from our website.

 More information available during application period.

Please find the application forms.

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Finnish language classes and Preparatory Class

There is no aptitude test for the Ressu Comprehensive school's Finnish language classes or for the preparatory classes. Students in the Finnish language classes come from Kamppi area. Preparatory class students are directed a school place by the education division of Helsinki.

English language acquisition classes

Students for the English language acquisition classes come from city of Helsinki and are chosen by aptitude tests.  These classes are intended for internationally mobile families. Class sizes are capped at 25. Please note that applicants from Helsinki are given priority over applicants from other municipalities. Application form needs to be filled in and returned to the school secretary. Please see the Ressu Admission Policy for more details and direct any further questions related to admission to the principal,, or our vice-principal, Aliisa Ranta,

ATTN. Prospective Grade 8 (MYP4) and Grade 9 (MYP5) students will also need to have an adequate level of Finnish in order to attend English language acquisition classes at Ressu Comprehensive. They will be required to take a language test in Finnish in addition to the aptitude test in English

Please find the application form under the title “Forms”.

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