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Our school

Ressu Comprehensive School is a city operated, accredited IB world school (Grades 1-9). The school has Finnish classes, English language of acquisition classes, and a preparatory class (Grades 7-9). Students in the Finnish language section come mainly from Kamppi area. Students in the English language acquisition classes come from a wider Helsinki area, and are taken by aptitude tests.

At Ressu Comprehensive school teaching, in accordance with the IB programmes, is phenomenon and global context based. We are a truly multi-cultural community that supports active citizenship, sustainable development and lifelong learning among students and staff.

General regulations PYP, General regulations MYP, Admission policy

How we organise ourselves

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In the beginning of an academic year students choose student council representatives amongst each other.

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Student council representatives choose pedagogical leadership team representatives.

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The School on the move: a recess equipment kiosk is run by volunteer students.


School on the move: activate lessons and recesses. Active lessons mean that the amount of passive sitting time is decreased. This shows in practice through learning stations work, activated sitting with the help of seat cushions, balance boards and gym balls and by utilising the corridors and other learning environments outside the classroom.

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We look after the lunch room together. The MYP students share the responsibility of tiding up and cleaning the tables.of Education and Culture, NPDL (New Pedagogies for Deep Learning), Majakka and Liikkuva koulu (Schools on the Move).

Ressu Comprehensive School is involved in the following projects: Kokeilemalla kehittäminen (Changing innovations) funded by Ministry of Education and Culture, NPDL (New Pedagogies for Deep Learning), Majakka and Liikkuva koulu (Schools on the Move).

Sharing the planet

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In order for the school community to keep fit and to reduce the carbon footprint the school community is encouraged to make changes to their school journey. We suggest adding more walking and cycling and switching from private car usage to communal traffic.

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We believe in looking after ourselves, each other and our shared school equipment and materials. This includes our school building, yard, garden, shared books and technology, recess equipment and school furniture.

How we express ourselves


Student council chooses drama as an optional subject (PYP Grade 4, MYP Grades 5-6) since Autumn 2016.

Students will desig and paint a new mural for the shared, open MYP learning area outside.


Students took action as they saw a need to build a ball wall. They inquired into cost, design and made the wall for the outdoors.

knowledgeable courageous risk-taker

MYP Drama group held morning speeches and performed to the PYP in the Spring term 2019.

knowledgeable courageous risk-taker

PYP students share their transdisciplinary learning with the school community in regular open houses.

Ressu Open Stage is arranged every spring.

The students perform actively in the school events.



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