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Welcome to begin the 2019-2020 school year!

School begins in the yard at 9:00 in the morning. The first school day ends around 12:00 o'clock.

During the first school day all new students will receive Wilma passwords to bring home.

Afterschool care begins on the first school day.

The first grade students begin the school year with a soft schedule and until 16.8 will finish school by 12:00.

For all other students, the school year schedule begins already on 9.8. For grades 1-4, the class teacher will give the schedule to the students and for grades 5-9, their schedule is visible in Wilma.

[1.6.2019] 4-6, 7-9 grades, Spring Gala; and Yearly Report Card distribution for all students.

[15.5.2019] Next year first grades at school 8-9. Parents info 17.30.

[28.2.2019] Saturday on 16 of March is a school day from 9-12. Personal Projects...

[28.2.2019] Enrolment period for grades 1-9 language test on August 1st is between April 1st – June 14th. Applications that are sent outside the enrolment period are not taken into consideration. Application form can be found under “Forms” during the enrolment period.

[5.2.2019] Winter sports day

[23.1.2019] Grades 7-9 parents evening: 9. grades parents

1.luokan tiedote englanniksi

Aptitude test for English-speaking 1st grade is arranged on Tuesday January 29th. Applicants need to enroll for the test by an application form. The enrollment period is January 7th – 23rd. The application can be found on this website under the title “Forms”.
More information about English-speaking and bilingual education can be found on the Education Division’s website:

Information evening for all 1st grade applicants’ parents is arranged at Ressu Comprehensive School on Wednesday, January 16th at 6.00 pm (address Lapinlahdenkatu 10). It is of the utmost importance for all the 1st grade applicants’ parents to attend the info. Warmly welcome to the information evening!

7. luokan tiedote englanniksi
Enrollment for English-speaking 7th grade

Aptitude test for English-speaking 7th grade is arranged on Thursday, August 1st. The enrollment period is January 7th – 16th. The application can be found on this website under the title “Forms”.

There isn’t an information evening arranged for 7th graders.

[21.12.2018] Christmas break begins.  The spring academic term begins on the 7th of January according to the normal schedule. 

[29.8.2018] "Meet the teachers" night 5pm. At the same time IB-info. The class meetings in homerooms at 6 pm.

[2.6.2018] School year ends with report cards in home rooms. Have a nice summer.

[31.5.2018] Lower school has their own program. Grades 7-9 has a Ressu-Norssi competition in Väinämöisen kenttä.

See results here: Ressu-Norssi päivän tulostaulu

[16.5.2018] Parent evening for the parents of the Ressu Comprehensive School first graders 2018-2019. 17:30-18:45. Finnish stream (1AC) in the assembly hall, English stream (1B) in classroom 206. Welcome.

[11.5.2018] Unicef-walk and voluntary working day. More information on Wilma.

[24.3.2018] Saturday school day for all students 9-12. Welcome to visit our end of MYP (Personal project ) and end of PYP Exhibition in the assembly hall. Open house, more information on Wilma.

[19-23.2.2018] Winter holiday (school is closed)

[6.2.2018] Winter sports day

[31.1.2018] Aptitude test for prospective English-speaking 1st graders

[23.1.2018] Enrolment in school 8-10 and 17-19  

Please note that there has been a change in EIS (Espoo International School) admission policy: those guardians, who have chosen EIS as one option should check the changes directly with EIS. Ressu admission procedure has not changed: those applying for Ressu as the primary option regardless of their other options will take their aptitude test    at Ressu.          

[19.1.2017] Application period for the English-speaking 1st grade is on until January 24th. Please send the application form to he school secretary by email. 1st grade aptitude test takes place on Wednesday January 31st.

[17.1.2017] PYP Exhibition        information evening for the guardians of the 4th graders.     

[10.1.2017]     Information evening for the guardians of the prospective 1st graders


Warmly welcome to our information evening for 1st grade applicants' parents on Wednesday January 10th, 2018 at 5.30 pm. In the evening you'll learn about our school, how we teach and the aptitude tests. The info is meant for parents, there is no childcare during the evening.




[22.12.2017] Assessment papers are handed out at 8.30    


[4.12.2017]       Independence day celebrations Suomi100     

[1-3.11.2017]     IB evaluation visit

[16.-20.10.2017]      Autumn   holiday

[4.10.2017]  PTA arranges an annual Ressufest in the evening. Welcome!

[29.9.2017]  IB-info for guardians: join the principal and the coordinators       8.30-10.00 

[30.8.2017]  Wednesday    

Parents evenings for all grades 17.30-18.30 in their home classrooms 

Coordinators' IB-info meeting 18.30-19.00 in Finnish and 19.00-19.30 in English  in the Assembly  hall  

[11.8.2017] Friday     


•According to the schedule   


[10.8.2017] Thursday 


• School year starts on school yard at 9.00. Welcome!   

•School day 9-12  


•Grades 1-6 report cards in the classroom at 8:00 

•Grades 7-9 Spring Gala in the assembly hall at 9:00, report cards afterwards  


[1.6.2017 ]   


•Ressu-Norssi annual contest during the day: Scoreboard  


•Grades 1-3 Spring Gala 5:30pm-6.15pm  

•Grades 4-6 Spring Gala 6:30pm-7:15pm  

[18.5.2017] Taitaja2017- exhibition for upper grades  

[10.5.2017] First grade (2017-2018) information session 5:30pm, welcome! 

[20.4.2017] Finnish Championships Debate 

[14.4-17.4.2017] Easter Break (Fri-Mon) 

[5.4.2017] PYP-and MYP- Exhibition 

[5.4.2017] Political Party Leaders Debate for grade 9 

[7.2.2017] Sports Day 

[11.1.2017]  You are warmly welcome to 1st grade info session starting at 6 pm! In the session we’ll tell how and when to apply for 1 st grade starting in August 2017, and provide general information about studying in Ressu. ADULTS ONLY.  

[9.1.2017] School begins according to the normal schedule 

Christmas holiday -------- Christmas holiday

[22.12.2016] Thursday 

•Autumn term assessment handed out  in homerooms between 9 and 9.30 am. 

[21.12.2016] Wednesday 

Christmas church at Vanha kirkko OR HAM exhibition 

•Schoolday begins according to normal schedule, but  at 9 am. at the latest 

•Schoolday ends at 12 pm. 

[20.12.2016] Tuesday: 

•School day starts according to normal schedule 

•School day ends at 12 pm 

•Grades 1-4 (PYP) gala at 5.30 pm. 

•Grades 5-9 (MYP) gala at 7 pm. 

[19.12.2016] Monday is a normal schoolday 

[10.12.2016] Saturday: Christmas school 9-12 (this day is a  compulsory school day in place of 5.12.) 

•Day begins (except Lucia-group) at 9am in homerooms 

•Lucia at the assembly hall at 9.05 and klo 9.30 

•Principal invites parents to meet and greet and have a glogg between 9 and 10 

•PTA café 

[7.12.2016] World 2030- exhibition assembly 

[5.-6.12.2016] Monday and Tuesday are days off  

[2.12.2016] Independence Day assembly  

[1.12.2016] Fourth graders at Finlandia hall 

[14.10.2016]  Application for English speaking 1st grade starting in August 2017: Check 'enrolment' for more details. 

[28.10.2016] Swimming starts. Class teachers will inform about the schedule on wilma. 

[24.10-28.10.2016] PYP Parent Teacher conferences 

[14.10.2016] 1-6 Grade Movie morning: Happy holidays to everyone! 

[29.9.2016] Ressufest  We had a Family-School Get-together at the school on Thursday 29 thSeptember. It was great to see so many of you here.

[5-16.9.2016] Italian exchange students visiting our school. Benvenuti! 

[13.9.2016] Student council members  Jakke Liikanen and Hari Parviainen from 8A represented students in the Leadership meeting. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! 

[8.9.2016] Italian Ambassador Mr. Gabriele Altana visited Ressu. He met our Italian exchange students. 

[8-9.9.2016] School photo 

[31.8.2016] Whole school parent evening was held in the evening. Parents had a chance to hear about the new curriculum from our principal, and to meet the staff. Thank you all. 

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