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Ressun peruskoulu (Ressu Comprehensive School)
Street address: Lapinlahdenkatu 10, 00180 Helsinki
PO BOX 3107, 00099 City of Helsinki

Open during school days: 8.30-15.00.

School secretary Foluso Ajetunmobi
tel. +358 9 310 82102
The school office is open from Monday to Thursday 8.30-15.30 and Friday 8.30-14.30.

All questions regarding enrolment are to be directed to the school secretary. Unfortunately we are not able to organize individual tours at the school. Please feel free to ask anything about our school by email or by phone.

School secretary deals with student registration and provides general school information. Please inform the school secretary about any changes regarding student name, address, phone number or other official personal information.

Inquiries concerning substitute teacher needs are to be directed to Deputy Head Juha Säämänen.

Principal Mrs Leena Liusvaara
tel. +358 9 3108 2101, leena.liusvaara(at)

Deputy Head Juha Säämänen
tel. +358 9 3108 2104, juha.saamanen(at)

Deputy Head Aliisa Ranta
tel. +358 40667 2208, aliisa.ranta(at)

PYP Coordinator Anne Marin-Nuutinen

MYP Coordinator Petra Grönros

Chairman of the school board Mrs Marjo Rintamäki

Staff room
tel. +358 9 310 82108

Special education teachers

Matti Leppänen (grades 1-5)

Johanna Nuorteva (grades 6-9)

Student Counsellor Jenni Soljasalo
tel. +358 9 310 82105, jenni.soljasalo(at)

School Psychologist Joonas Kopra
tel. +358 50 401 3365, joonas.kopra(at)
Present on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

School Counsellor Hannele Houston
tel. +358 50 401 3296, hannele.houston(at)
Present on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays

School nurse Heini Liukkonen
tel. 050 310 5575
Consultation days: Monday to Thursday

Teaching assistant/ Head of Afternoon Activities Mrs Anna Kultalahti
tel. 040 660 87 95

Mr. Jaamac Ahmed
puh. 050 4013885, jaamac.ahmed(at) 

Evening caretaker (16:30 onwards)

Cafeteria Mr. Ismail Abdulahi
tel. 09 310 82111

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