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English-language classes are a part of the Maunula Primary school that has pupils from 1st to 6th grade.

The English-language classes are intended for seven to twelve-year-old English-speaking children living temporarily or permanently in Finland and for those Finnish children returning to Finland from abroad.

Those wishing to enrol in English-language classes have to take an aptitude test in English skills. The aptitude tests are held every January/February (grade 1) and August (grades 2 to 6, and grade 1 who have moved to Helsinki after the February test date or who have not taken the English Skills 1 test in another municipality).

Application for aptitude test for English language classes at Maunula Primary School in 2020 

Pupils are admitted to Maunula Primary School's English language classes on the basis of an aptitude test.

The test for grade 1 was held in February, and the results have been sent out. 

The test for grades 2 to 6, and grade 1 for applicants who were not residents of Helsinki at the time of the test in February, will be on the 6th of August, 2020.

Enrollment for aptitude test on August is open until 12th June 2020.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, you cannot pick up or deliver the registration form to your school of choice in person. You can download the enrollment form here under.

Application form Grade 1 August Test

Application form Grades 2-6 August Test

You can send the form via secure email, which requires that you verify your identity with a bank code, mobile ID, or an official ID card that contains a chip. This identity verification acts as your signature on the form. Here are the instruction for downloading and sending the enrolment form:

Filling in the enrolment form

  1. Download the enrollment form of your need from above and save it to your computer.
  2. Close the web browser’s window that shows the opened enrollment form.
  3. Open the saved form.
  4. Fill in the needed information, then save it under the pupil’s name (form: lastname_firstname)
  5. Close and reopen the form. Check that changes have been saved. Close the form.
  6. Sending the form

1. Click the link: Send the enrolment form via secure email

2. Add your email address to the field titled Lähettäjä, and proceed to verify your identity.

3. After you have verified your identity successfully, you will reach page titled: Uusi viesti.

  • Add the name of the school in which your child is applying to the field titled Aihe 
  • In the lower corner, click Valitse tiedostot.
  • Search for the file (titled lastname_firstname) that you just saved on your computer and choose it as your attachment by clicking on Liitä.
  • To finish, click Lähetä.

You can send the form by mail to schools address:

Maunulan ala-aste, c/o Leena Saarinen, PL 63302, 00099 Helsingin kaupunki

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

1. How can my child be accepted to Maunula’s English speaking program 

Aentrance test can be taken once per grade level for the upcoming school year

Priority will be given to Helsinki residents, but everyone can apply.

2. What are the language requirements to be accepted to the program 

Native level of English is required to pass the test and to study on the program

There are no Finnish language requirementswe only test your child’s English language skills 

3. What is ithe test 

The grade 1 exam only tests comprehension and speaking skillsYour child will not need to know 

how to read or write Students applying to grades 2 to 6 will be tested in comprehension and writing 

4. When can my child take the entrance test for grade 1 starting August 2020 

Tuesday, 4th of February 2020 

5. What happens if my child is sick on the day of the test 

Inform us on the day before or on the day of the testyou will need to provide a doctor’s certificate. 


6. By when do I need to submit an application for the Februarygrade 1 test 

Within the application period. 

7. What if my child is not a resident of Helsinki at the time of the February grade 1 test? 

In this case, you can take the English Skills 1 test in Helsinki, but we advise you take it in your municipality of 

where you are resident, because only Helsinki candidates will be offered a place in the spring. 

If your child has taken a different test in another municipality, for example, the Language Readiness test, and you want to still apply to Maunula, your child can participate in the August English Skills 1 test.   

The application period is from the 1st of April to the 12th of June 2020.

8. When can my child take the test to enter grades 2 to 6?  

The testing for grades 2-6 happens in August 2020, on the same day as the first grade test 

for students coming from outside of Helsinki, who have not taken the English Skills 1 test in February 

9. Can I apply if our home address is not in Helsinki on the day of the test?  

Yes, but priority will be given to candidates from Helsinki. We will only offer places to candidates from outside 

of Helsinki who take the test in February, after we get the results in August.  

10. Can my child take the test in Espoo or Vantaa and use this result to apply to Maunula Primary School? 

Yes, if the test your child takes is the English skills 1 test. 

11. Can I apply to both Maunula and Ressu with the same application form 

No. This year you can only apply to one school on the application form. After the test it is possible to inquire 

about places in Ressu or Maunula that have not been filled.

12. How can I submit my application form 

By post:  Maunulan ala-aste, c/o Leena Saarinen, PL 63302, 00099 Helsingin kaupunki or to this e-mail address: 

13. Why is the entrance test to Maunula and Ressu on the same day 

The tests are the same and valid for entry for both schools, for all the grades

Places will be offered to students based on their exam results 

14.My child’s first choice school was Ressu, but he/she did not get a placewill my child be 

automatically offered a place at Maunula?  

No. Information will be given about possible available places after the test.

15. Where can my child take the test for Maunula?  

The location of August’s test has not yet been decided 

16. Will there be an information evening for parents at Maunula?  

No. Not regarding the August test. 

17. Do you charge school fees 


18.  What do you teach at your school 

At least 80% of the teaching is in English. 

Students study Finnish at their ability levelFrom grade 3 onwards, some subjects will be taught in Finnish We follow the Finnish national curriculum 


19. How can we prepare for the test 

Through active use of the language. Read and speak to your child in English.  


20. What if our child does not get a place, and does not have any Finnish skills 

You need to apply to your local Finnish schoolThere are also some private schools offering 

education in English.  

21. When do children start school in Finland?  

During the year they turn seven 

22. When can my child apply to enter grade 1?  

You can apply if your child was born in 2013.  

23. How many places are available? 

This is unknown at this point in time. Places are generally very limited. 

24. By what date do I need an address in Helsinki before the February test, to be considered a Helsinki resident?

30th January.









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