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For parents

Wilma ( functions as a means of communication between school and home. Teachers record in Wilma issues like absence of students’ lateness’s, forgetting something, noteworthy achievements, and dates of tests. They also send messages about current issues at school. It's good to follow the information on the front page of Wilma. Occasionally there may be questionnaires for the parents. The parents of the 1st graders and parents of the new students will receive their personal user name and passwords. To use Wilma you will need a computer and internet connection.

The parents’ association is a voluntary body that works for the good of our pupils. You can contact Rachel Skinner for more information (rachel.skinner(at)

Each school in Helsinki has a school board, which is comprised of the parents/guardians of the school and members of the school staff and faculty. Chairperson: Meri Valkama 

Parents are encouraged to participate in co-operation between school and home.


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