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The Bilingual Program at our school

Laajasalo Comprehensive school offers a bilingual program (Finnish-English). During the school year 2021-2022 bilingual program is offered in grades 1, 2 and 3, growing further each year.

In the bilingual program about half of the instruction is given through Finnish and half in English, and languages are taught mainly through the content of other subjects.

Children wishing to enroll the bilingual program must take an aptitude test either in Finnish or English. The aptitude test for bilingual education, 1st grade, is held annually in January or February. The test measures the child’s language skills and readiness for bilingual education.

Signing up takes place at the same time with the general school sign up process. Instructions for signing up will be published on the school website in January.

Children moving to Helsinki after January can apply by taking an aptitude test held on August.

Children wishing to apply to 2nd or 3rd grade can apply by taking an aptitude test in August. In this test, both English and Finnish skills are tested at a grade level.

Further information about the bilingual program: Tiia Thurén (

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