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The education of primary schools is based on the school’s own curriculum. Our curriculum includes the subjects provided by the school, the objectives of school work, the ways this work is carried out and the support system for the pupils.

Each class has its own classroom teacher who teaches most of the lessons. A class can also be divided into two smaller groups for certain subjects. Pupils receive their books and other learning materials from the school free of charge.

Special Education Classes

We offer:

  •  2 groups for children with intellectual disability
  • A group for autistic children
  • A group for children with severe learning disabilities
  • A group for children with special supportive needs

Remedial Teaching

Additional lessons that can be arranged for one pupil or a small group. Offered if a pupil is temporarily behind in studies or if something seems to be very difficult for the pupil. Initiative can be taken by the teacher, the pupil or the guardian.

Areas of Focus in School Work

Our school offers emphasis on Arts, Physical Education or Science in different classes. Pupils can choose additional lessons in one of these subjects (at grades 3-5) comparing to the national minimum.


Assesment in Herttoniemenranta primary school consists of:

  • Pupils’ self evaluation
  • Pupil-teacher-parent –interviews
  • One report card per school year

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