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Aleksis Kivi Comprehensive School, founded in 1934, consists of lower and upper levels and the 10th grade.

There are 450 pupils in the school year 2010-11 and around 50 teachers.  In addition to our general education we have four special needs classes and Brahenpuisto Special Needs School operates in the same school building.

The school is conveniently situated near the underground station and other means of transportation.

Pupils primarily come from the surrounding area but it is possible to make an application to get in from outside the school district.

Our special focuses are art classes beginning in the 3rd and 7th grades and drama teaching in both lower and upper levels. Pupils wishing to enter the art class need to take an aptitude test.

The curriculum also includes all joint theatre education when all 8th graders produce a school play called Proggis which is directed by a professional director.

The school has international co-operation with Tallinna Kristine Gümnaasium and we have both school visits and camps every school year.

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