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Furnishings and decorations

In public events, furnishings include for example, cloth, banderols and rugs used for scenery and decorations. Decorations can also be upholstered seat furniture, carpets and other similar products in terms of their use and material. 

The furnishings used in public events must not be easily flammable and must not endanger the safety of persons in the event of an exit or impede rescue operations. The furnishings should be chosen so that they do not cause a risk of fire breaking out or spreading. Furnishings should be such that when burned, they do not produce a lot of smoke or spread the fire quickly. 

The furnishings used in public events should be in the flammability category 1 (fire resistant, SL1, DIN 4102 B 1 or equivalent). If the premises (not a restaurant) have been equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system, the furnishings can be included in flammability category 2 (normal flammability SL2, DIN 4102 B2 or equivalent). However, if an open fire or pyrotechnical effects are used in the premises, the furnishings must always be in the flammability category 1. 

Fire protection can be implemented on site using a fire protection product and method suitable for this purpose.