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Organising events in premises deviating from their purpose of use

Primarily, public events are held in premises planned for assemblies. Assembly facilities include, for example, restaurants, concert halls, theatres, sports halls and activity centres. If the organisers want to hold a public event in premises that have a different purpose of use, such as an industrial hall or office building, the event organisers must contact the rescue authorities well in advance. The rescue authorities will define the terms and necessary special arrangements for organising the event, so that a permit can be granted for organising it. Not all premises are suitable for organising public events, even with the help of special arrangements.

The fire safety of these different premises must be on the same level with the assembly facilities. The premises’ fire class, surface area and the width of emergency exits all affect the maximum number of people. The premises must have the sufficient first aid extinguishing equipment and, if necessary, it must be equipped with safety and signal lighting.