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Emergency access roads during public events

An emergency access road is a road intended for emergency vehicles. The purpose of the emergency access roads is to secure the Rescue Department’s operational conditions during accidents. The event organiser will determine the emergency access road in their emergency plan and request the rescue department to approve them. The event organiser is obligated to maintain the emergency access roads in a driving condition and accessible during the entire event, and to mark them as appropriate.

No vehicles or other obstacles are allowed on the emergency access road. The emergency access road can be paved with paving, asphalt, concrete, rock dust or lawn stones. Lawn is not a suitable surface for an emergency access road. The width of the straight emergency access road must be at least 3.5 m, its turning circle at the outer edge at least 12.5 m and carrying capacity 32 t. The width of an ambulance route must be at least 3.0 m and carrying capacity 4 t. More information about the emergency access roads, their specific dimensions and markings is available in the emergency access road instructions (in Finnish).