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Number of people

The maximum number of people in assembly premises has been defined in the building permit. The building’s fire class, surface area and the width of emergency exits all affect the maximum number of people. In outdoor events, the maximum number of people is mainly calculated so that 1 m2 of free space should be reserved for one person. Free space does not include the performance stage or similar structures, cloakrooms, toilets or storage rooms. The width of the available emergency exits can limit the maximum number of people. 

The maximum number of people defined in the venue’s building permit or the calculated maximum number of people of outdoor events cannot be exceeded. The number of people must be controlled during the whole event by counting the people coming in and out and monitoring the movements inside the venue. If the venue’s maximum number of people has been achieved, access to the area must be stopped.

Further information
Decree of the Ministry of the Environment on Fire safety of Buildings 848/2017