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Processing the evacuation safety report and further measures

The rescue authority will carry out an evacuation safety evaluation based on the operator’s report and the possible inspection at the location. The inspection can be carried out in connection to the location’s periodic fire inspection, as an additional fire inspection or as a visit to the location. In some cases, the evaluation can be done solely on the basis of the documents.
The evacuation safety evaluation assesses whether the evacuation safety fulfils the decreed requirements. The evaluation will be delivered to the operator as a decision. The grounds used in the evaluations have been described here.

If it is assessed that the evacuation safety is not sufficient, the operator is firstly given a correction order to draft an implementation plan of evacuation safety. The implementation plan of evacuation safety is a plan drafted by the operators, which presents the measures and schedules for ensuring that the evacuation safety meets the requirements. There are separate instructions for making this plan: Implementation plan of evacuation safety (In Finnish)

In connection to the evaluation of evacuation safety, individual correction orders for any fire or evacuation safety related defects can also be issued.

In connection to the evaluation of evacuation safety, the operator can be obligated to implement an evacuation test. The evacuation test helps to verify the duration of evacuating the residents/patients and/or the operational model of the rescue operations performed by the personnel and their duration. There are separate instructions for planning and executing an evacuation test: Evacuation test (In Finnish)

In the defects observed in connection to the evacuation, the safety evaluation cannot be corrected and the rescue authority evaluates that the measures presented in the implementation plan cannot improve the evacuation safety to a sufficient level, the rescue authority must issue an implementation order of evacuation safety. In such situations, the rescue authority can also issue specific safety requirements defined in section 82 of the Rescue Act, such as an order to install an automatic extinguishing system. In extreme cases, interrupting the operations is also possible.