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Visiting rescue stations

Rescue stations are interesting places to visit, and have a lot to offer as an experience. The unpredictable nature of our daily work – often changing at a minute’s notice – does, however, place restrictions on the visit service we can provide, therefore we require some advance information to make organising visits as easy as possible.

You can request a visit to a rescue station using the form below. The most important pieces of information to provide on the form are details of your group and what you want to gain from the visit. That way we can tailor your visit to suit you as far as we can. We would also recommend you carry out your own advance preparations and familiarisation with safety themes before your visit. This will make it possible to focus during your visit on the themes your group has already gone through, as well as what you would like to know more about. During visits, the Rescue Department aims to promote safety work and people’s awareness of their own safety choices.

Visits usually last a maximum of 1.5 hours, and can start at 9.45am at the earliest.

We would recommend that you book your visit at your closest rescue station in the first instance. The station in your own area is specialised in the management of the risks that specific environment poses, and staff can talk specifically about safety in the area you are familiar with. Additionally, this will make arranging the date of your visit easier, and there won’t be a backlog in the visit calendar of any one station in particular.

Please send your information form to us at least two weeks before the date you would like to visit on.