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Research and publications

We ensure safety for you and the capital. Our vision is to be a pioneer in our sector and the most productive rescue department in Finland. Meeting these challenges requires us to carry out systematic evaluations of our operations, undertake continual research and development work, and apply best practices. We follow domestic and international research in the sector closely, as well as carrying out our own research into phenomena related to rescue services, safety, personnel and operating environments.

Our research operations are based on the rescue services research programme and research needs arising from practical work. Key focus points include evaluation of the impact and productivity of operations. In addition to broader research and reports, research operations are responsible for drawing up risk analyses for areas, development of methodology, and gathering and analysing information to support planning, development and decision making for our operations.

The Rescue Department not only partakes in independent research activities, but also plays an active role in the realisation of research projects with various different rescue departments, research institutes and other cooperation partners. The results and yield of the projects are disseminated openly to benefit citizens and experts.

Research Manager Pekka Itkonen is responsible for the Rescue Department’s research operations.

The Rescue Department’s publication series (in Finnish)