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Warning the population

When there is a threat of danger, the population can be warned in many ways. Some warning methods are:

  • Emergency warnings transmitted by the radio stations of the Finnish Broadcasting Company and local radio stations
  • Emergency warnings transmitted by television channels and through teletext (page 112)
  • Online pages and notifications by authorities
  • Alarm signals given with the public alarm sirens for people away from their homes

The emergency warning will only be given when it is necessary. An emergency warning will not be used to notify the population of a wrong alarm signal. If an alarm signal was sounded even if there is no danger, due to a technical fault or some other reason, the rescue authorities will notify the population of this as soon as possible through a media notification sent to the region’s population. The possible inquiries concerning public warning sirens (for example, faults and vandalism), can be addressed to the Rescue Department’s Situation Centre: +358 (0)9 310 30150.